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Zukiswa (Zuki) Majerman, 48

Separated mother of two: 30 & 15 with one grandchild

Lives in Crossroads, Cape Town

I’m on my own, I’m making my own decisions. Now I can see where I’m going. The years I stayed in my abusive marriage don’t matter. I’m not looking back at them - now I’m looking forward.

My hard work and perseverance make me most proud. It was hard but I tell myself I will never give up on me. I tell myself that I might not be talented, but I’m a hard worker. Sometimes hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

Life is full of challenges. Today you are happy, tomorrow you’re crying. Life goes like the weather. You must always have room to take it on, the storms, the rain, the shiny days - this is life. When challenges and disappointment come, fight and strike back.

Being in a marriage, a divorce, a separation, an abusive relationship, is not the end of the world. You fall in love and you throw your heart and soul into it. Our problem as women who are in love is that we forget about anything else. But when that love is no more, that doesn’t mean everything is no more. You can stand up and say, ‘Hello, here I am again. I’m still that Zuki I was before.

Challenges come and go, but here I am now.’