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Zimele Kwababana

Lives in Cape Town

I came from Eastern Cape to Cape Town in 2001 to look for a job. I worked for a security company for 12 years. While I was working, I always thinking about doing some course I could do so that I can work on my own, especially with my hands.

While I was working my wife joined The Clothing Bank, I did notice that if I can go and do something else - together we can go far. I told my wife that this is a chance for me to leave the security company and look for something else to do. Only one week after I left, my wife told me about The Appliance Bank. I was so interested but I was scared on the other hand because I was not good at electric things. I took a chance and I went there. Unfortunately I did not make it the first time, but they gave me a second chance and I told myself that I am not going to play with this opportunity. I took it with both hands.

I must give credit to Mr Allen who taught me how to fix appliances, he does everything to make you understand. So today, I am very proud of that TAB has made me who I am and made me stand on my own. I know how to run my business. It totally changed my life and I wish that I can go far.