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Zama Khwela, 30

1 son 11 years old


Zama is from Kwa Ndengwzi township in Durban.  Zama was forced to withdraw from her Degree in Social Work as she was unable to pay her university fees.

Before joining TCB was living on a child support grant and selling watches door to door to try and support herself and her son. She was living in a 4 roomed RDP house with 9 other extended family members.

The most important thing Zama says she learned at TCB was about saving, record keeping, planning, and setting goals for her life.

With the money she earnt on the programme, Zama managed to complete her Social work degree in 2018.  She gave herself a graduation party - Zama is the first person in her family to get a degree!

After graduation from TCB she became an Ambassador and was offered the job as a Poverty Stoplight Facilitator at TCB. Being a PSL facilitator has inspired Zama and given her the opportunity to use her social work skills.

Using the knowledge she learned on the Informal Small Business Practice (ISBP) learnership at TCB, she established a Learners Licence training facility in her community.

Recently, She has done a 15 day sewing course and her goal is to do an advanced sewing course so that she can establish her own clothing brand.

Zama has volunteered as a facilitator at the World Changers organization workshop for the youth of Savana Village Community and currently lives in a 2 roomed house of her own, with her son.

Her message to other women is “Do not have self pity as a women, get up, think and do business.  While doing your business, do not despise small beginnings.  Be patient and it will grow’’.