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Valerie ‘Val’ Dlepu, 42

Single mother of two: 20 & 4

Lives in Langa, Cape Town

My life before TCB was very difficult. I was not working for more than eight years. I’ve got a degree but I couldn’t get a job. I was so depressed, I was having stresses and anxiety. I was dependent on my mother, she was working two jobs I was helping her but not working.

When I got to TCB I thought I’m coming for a job interview. I only realised when I’m inside already that this is not a job, this is something else. I didn’t want to leave. I told myself that maybe God didn’t want me to work for someone else, He wanted me to work for myself.

TCB is all about how you can change and how you can do anything. You come to this induction, to the workshop, to all the training and then you apply the skills. It will work perfectly, you won’t have any problem. It worked for me.

Now I can actually take care of everyone in the house. I’m even taking care of my mom and my kids. I’m paying my own things, I’m debt-free. I’m independent, I don’t ask anyone for anything. I am doing everything on my own as if I am working and I’m getting a salary.