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‘We believe that self employment provides a solution to our current unemployment crises and that the informal sector is the perfect platform from which to tackle the rising tide of inequality’

A holistic approach to growth and development is the key to igniting the potential within each person. We recognise that young people have unique needs, are still in the discovery phase and not yet emotionally mature and we have enhanced our core enterprise development programme to speak to these needs.

Many of the young people we engage with have suffered many challenges and experienced trauma that has had lasting effects on their psyche.  We believe that our dedicated Youth Project will provide young people with a space to heal learn and grow while providing them with a career path in the retail industry.

Trade Up is a greenfields project for us and we and we have sought and built strategic partnerships with organisations who have experience working with youth.

We aim to make self-employment aspirational and create a pathway out of poverty for young people.

Criteria – between the ages of 19 and 25

Interest in learning to run your own business
Grade 10


Cape Town