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Key statistics for 2020-2021

updated as per annual report stats

Last year, The Clothing Bank supported 953 women who made in excess of R41.8 million in profits and 110 men in The Appliance Bank who made R8.55 million profit from their businesses. 403 Clothing Bank graduates and 47 Appliance Bank graduates also continued to trade and made significant profits. Our TradeUp programme worked with 96 women who made R2,12 mill in profits.

The GROW Educare Project worked with 45 social-franchise schools, which have the capacity to educate 2136 children every day while supporting 180 jobs.

We have established 5 Clothing Bank and 3 Appliance Bank branches in South Africa’s major cities: Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, East London and Paarl.
We have 45 GROW Educare Centres: 22 in the Western Cape, 9 in Gauteng and 14 in KwaZulu Natal.