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Thobeka Makoni

Lives in Cape Town

My life was terrible before I came to TCB. I was trying to build my life but I was struggling. I was stressed because everything I was trying to do was not successful. I was hopeless, full of doubt. I told myself that I am a failure.

I was living in a one-roomed shack with my boy. We were doing everything in that small place. Other children were laughing at my child saying he lives in a box of matches. When it rained my shack leaked. I looked like an old woman because of suffering. I was dependent on my child support grant, there was nothing left after paying rent. My child depended on the feeding scheme at school. I felt like a useless mother who couldn’t feed her own child.

TCB taught me a lot, not only business even about my personal life. Three months after starting my business I extended my shack and bought a microwave. I don’t stress when it’s raining because I have a warm home.

TCB teach me about budgeting and to save money. I am not suffering anymore and the people respect me. Now I see where I am going, I want to start sewing and selling my own designs. I am beautiful now, I am not looking like an old granny anymore. I am proud of myself. I pay my rent and make a nice lunch for my child every morning. We are happy family. TCB has made me a better person in the world.