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Lives in East London

We lost our house and furniture in 2012. I had nothing before I started TCB. In 2016 I came across a TCB advert in the community paper, they were looking for unemployed mothers. At that time I was so frustrated, I just lost my job and I had a granddaughter I had to look after.

My phone was off. I didn’t want to go out. It was like people could see what I was going through. My husband was the only breadwinner at home. I told myself I must take a chance, and luckily I was selected.

My life started to change in less than a month. We received counselling. I was not paying my debts. They advised me not to run from my accounts, but to make arrangements to pay. They built my self esteem again. They taught us how to be successful business ladies, to stop feeling sorry for ourselves.

Now I am saving R500 every month to build a house for my kids. I am also saving for my kids education. I can also buy food and clothes for my kids. I am independent. I have a lot of dishes, blankets and my kids are happy. After TCB, I will carry on selling clothes. I am no longer feeling sorry for myself.

I go out with a smile on my face, knowing that I can make a difference in my kids’ lives. I will always be grateful to TCB for this opportunity.