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Fast fashion retailers produce millions of tons of waste each year.  This is merchandise that has been returned by customers or hasn’t sold in a season. They haven’t got the resources or systems to process this waste efficiently.
Millions of children are being raised in single-parent households. Mothers rely on the meagre state grant for survival. Most mothers haven’t completed school and struggle to find work that pays a living income.

The Clothing Bank believes that with the right support structure, everyone can create their own wealth by becoming self employed. Our two-year programme trains unemployed mothers (exclusively) to become informal clothing retailers.

More than 50% of fathers are not active in their children’s lives and gender-based violence is very high. Unemployment rates are rising and the unskilled are most at risk. We are only going to solve gender violence by working with men to create better role models and get fathers actively participating in their children’s lives.

Our Appliance Bank Project offers men the opportunity to become self-employed business owners, restoring his dignity in the home. Our holistic programme explores deeply held beliefs of patriarchy and gender roles. By exploring root causes, we hope to create fathers that become role models for future generations.


South Africa’s inequality crisis is perpetuated by the lack of education in poorer communities - particularly quality early childhood development (ECD) education. It has been proven that children educated and stimulated between 0 and 5 years old have a higher change of being successful in life, socially, emotionally and financially.

We believe that providing quality ECD education to the majority of South African children has the potential to fundamentally change the future of South Africa. Using principles of micro franchising, GROW with Educare Centres Project provides women living in poor communities the opportunity to run excellent, private, fee-paying early learning centres that are also viable businesses.