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South Africa faces some major obstacles on its journey towards addressing the injustices of the past and to ensure that everyone participates in the economy.

We cannot wait for the education system to be fixed before we act, and that is why we established The Clothing Bank. Our three projects, The Clothing Bank, The Appliance Bank and GROW with Educare, provide unemployed South Africans with an alternative to formal employment by empowering them to become self-employed business people.

49% of black women
live below the poverty line

66% of children
do not live with their biological father

30% of South Africans
have not completed Grade 12

26.7% of South Africans
are unemployed

38,2% is the youth
unemployment rate

12 million children depend on state child grants of R400 per child per month
the only subsidy for an unemployed parent

36% of black children
and 50% of coloured children

between 3 and 4 do not attend preschool