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Sheila George , 52

Mother two
Grandmother of one

Lives in Eerste Rivier

I have two daughters and 1 granddaughter, and I started the TCB programme in 2015. It was a great opportunity for me to be here because I had a tuck shop in my house. The tuck shop was running smoothly but I never did record-keeping to see if my business was making a profit.

At The Clothing Bank I saw that it was not making any profit, so I stick to selling clothes and drop the tuck shop. I have been trading in Eerste Rivier since 2016.

Within these two years there were trials and tribulations, I thank God I survived those. I finished the programme in February 2017 and I became an Ambassador. I practise all the sisterhood values, especially integrity as I grew up like that.

I became a mentor in January 2018 it is when I feel great to give back to The Clothing Bank all the skills I have learnt.