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Pumeza Nono, 36

Married mother of three: 17, 9 & 8 months

Lives in Mfuleni, Cape Town

Before TCB it was bad because I was selling but I don’t know how to save and how to make business. I always give the customers on credit so I’m waiting for the month end, and sometimes I didn’t get even get paid at month end.

At TCB I learn a lot because now I’m a businesswoman. I don’t look for my wages in my husband, I have my own and I’m always saving money. I like to face challenges. I’m a hard worker. I don’t like to work for somebody, I want to work for myself.

If you’re a quiet person the family take the advantages. ‘Sisi, can you give me money?,’ or ‘Can you give me some clothes for free?’ Now I always say, ‘No, it’s for me and my children and my house, don’t take advantage of me.’

I’m HIV positive and I’m living positively. I know my status and my family knows my status and my community knows my status, but I’m healthy. I’m looking after myself. My kids are looking at me all the time, ‘Mommy, don’t miss your pills now.’My kids inspire me, I want to grow with them - I want to see them growing nice.