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Pulane Tau Gubesa

43, Married with 4 Kids

Lives in Table View, Cape Town

I never worked a single day in my life before I came to TCB, my husband was the one supporting the family. Everything was going well until his salary was reduced due to a lack of funding at the NGO where he works. We had to adjust to these new challenging conditions. My husband could not pay all the bills and we made loans to pay bills and school fees for my kids.
We took too many loans to make ends meet and we became so over indebted. I decided I must also find a way to assist with the bills.
I ran into my friend one day and told her my problem, she told me about The Clothing Bank (TCB). I immediately applied and joined. I didn’t know what to expect but I was excited to learn new things and meet new people – I wanted to make a difference for my family.
My home situation was not changing therefore I was strained emotionally. Things were difficult. I wanted to make a difference in my life, and my family’s lives so I preserved and stayed in the TCB programme even though it was not an easy journey. I still continue to strive, and I want to complete all the trainings. TCB has totally changed my life for the better, I see life differently now.
During lockdown, my business was not doing well. I couldn’t run my business as I had been doing. I was suffering. TCB intervened and gave us ladies R750 per month to support and help us. This assisted me to buy necessities such as food and toiletries. I also received an opportunity to get stock from TCB. This helped me to shop again, so I had stock to sell. I started selling from Killarney and my business started to pick up again.
Since I’m operating in Killarney, my business has grown immensely, it’s thriving. I have regular customers and also new customers. My kids and my husband motivate me and keep me going. Although there are challenges that come with owning a business, they do not stop me from chasing my dreams and ambitions. TCB has taught me to be patient and to love myself more. I believe that everything will work out, even with the challenges I have been through.
I’d advise women starting at TCB to not give up on your dreams. You should not listen to others. If they want something you must go for it. Everyone can achieve their dreams if they are focused and take ownership of their lives.
I am content with where I am. Despite all the challenges I have faced, I keep pushing forward and I know that one day I will achieve all of my goals.