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Priscilla Ntsie

Lives in Johannesburg

I feel I need to stand on the rooftop to tell my story. I want to encourage someone who wants to change their lives. I want to say: “It is possible”.

My husband was a partner in a business that was doing well. We had everything, our own house, car, our children attended the best school. Something happened with the business and we lost everything.

My life was a sad one. I didn’t have confidence, I saw myself as a loser and a failure. My children were not proud of me. I didn’t have self-respect. I was depressed. I looked down on myself. I tried to fit in, to please everyone but people were not pleased, instead they treated me the same way I treated myself.

I was rejected the first time at the TCB, but I didn’t give up and the next time I was accepted. If it wasn’t for the TCB I wouldn’t be where I am today or who I am today. TCB does more than just empower women, it changes lives for the better. They mentor us step-by-step to our success.

Now I am confident, I aspire. I set myself goals and push myself hard to achieve them. My husband and children respect me. My kids attend a private school. We eat better, we dress better and we live better. I was dying in feeling sorry for myself and having no vision for my life. Now I am encouraged and empowered to “exercise my potential”.