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Nwabisa Ndzuzo, 31

Married mother of two: 6 & 2

Lives in Khayelitsh

I love challenges. If someone tells me ‘I can’t’, I will try to push it to ‘I can’. I’m not easily influenced by other people - I believe in myself. I love life and helping others. Women should push for what you want, even in your current situation.

It’s not easy. There are times when I am so tired, but I don’t like depending on my husband for money - it pushes me to go harder.

I had to make my own money since I was young. I had to work for my schoolbooks. I know how it is when you’re the outcast of the family, when your stepfather spends money on his kids but not on you. But I am grateful for him because the way he was made me strong.

I enjoy selling - I’m a businesswoman. I’m proud to own my own house. I’ve got two healthy kids. I want my kids to finish school, education is important.

In my area people drink a lot. I am responsible. I come home early to tuck my kids into bed. I don’t expect my kids to take care of themselves. People have so many children. I have two, that’s what I can afford.