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Ntombifunthi Legole, 38

Mother of two

Lives in Tembisa, Johannesburg

I am 38 years old, mother of two lovely boys. I stay at Tembisa with my family. I started TCB in 2016. Before TCB I was jobless for six years with credit debts, lots!

TCB took me from nowhere to the top where I am now. I am proud of myself, so independent. I don’t even have one debt account - they are all paid off. I am reaching my goals. I have reached more than I was hoping to reach in my two years in the programme.

In April I bought four tombstones for my grandmother, two sisters and my cousin. I held a big unveiling ceremony. In October my dearest mother passed away. I was her only child. I was fatherless with no family unity but that is not a problem anymore because TCB gave me a lifetime gift. The gift I will never lose in my life. That’s the gift of knowledge, the knowledge of how important it is to save in life. So I managed to give my dearest mom a decent funeral and a nice tombstone.

With my TCB gift, I bought a Renault Scenic 2010 model. My first car, cash! I started with only R600 capital from TCB. It takes hardwork, commitment and skills to be a better person, a better wife and a better mother.

I thank TCB for giving me an opportunity to be the person that I am today, and forever.