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Secondary to our core business, we also support non-profit organisations that have beneficiaries, like children and the elderly, in their care.

Donating products to our charity partners allows them to focus on executing their core mission, and not waste valuable resources on campaigns to collect the items necessary to meet their beneficiaries immediate needs.

Since we started 8 years ago, we have learnt and experienced a tremendous amount about how to engage people on their path to self-determination. To spread these important and life-changing lessons, The Clothing Bank has developed a series of training programmes that other NPOs or corporates can use to improve the lives of their beneficiaries and staff

We currently have 6 Business Skills, 8 Finance Skills and 9 Life Skills modules. The Life Skills workshops can be trained with both those that are self-employed and those that are employed. The Business Skills and Finance Skills workshops are aimed at those that are running an informal business and are self-employed.

The workshops can be obtained for a small fee. The modules can be trained by an organisation’s in-house facilitator with the relevant life or training experience or alternatively The Clothing Bank can provide trained and experienced facilitators.

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85% of South Africans are over indebted and many are being exploited by irresponsible lenders.  Having a healthy relationship with money leads to less stress and improved health and is a key factor for poverty eradication. Our Me & My Money (M3) Workshops create a safe and respected environment where each participant can explore their relationship with money and learn key skills to enable them to become debt free, start saving and develop their life map for financial freedom.  This course is suitable for employed, unemployed and self employed participants at all levels.  We have a team of trained facilitators which are available to train countrywide.

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Enza Empowering Women in partnership with The Clothing Bank has developed a three month computer literacy course.  Computers skills are a critical skill for everyone to master as it creates access to opportunity.  The curriculum includes an introduction to computers, MS Office skills, email and internet.  The course is trained over 15 workshops by trained facilitators which can either train at your venue or at the computer centre at each of our branches.

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Does Your Organisation Qualify for Clothing Donations?

To be eligible you must answer YES to ALL these questions:

Are you a registered NPO operating for at least 2 years?
Does your organisation have beneficiaries in your care?
Are you able to collect from one of our branches?


We do not support the following causes:

  • Organisations that do not have beneficiaries in their care.
  • Parties and outreach programmes.
  • Unregistered charities.
  • Political parties.

We are not able to support all organisations that apply to us.  Support is entirely at The Clothing Bank’s discretion and dependent on us having adequate supply of the requested items.