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Nompumelelo Gugu Chonco, 40

Lives in Durban

I am 40 years old, with three children. My life before was shameful. Every time I wanted something I had to beg my partner, sometimes he gives it, sometimes not. My voice was looked down on, my opinion was not taken seriously. I lost my self-confidence.

My kids didn’t even ask me to do things for them, that was breaking my heart into pieces. I didn’t see a reason to live because I was ashamed and I felt like a failure. I tried to find a job but nothing came my way - I lost my life dignity.

Now I am my own boss. I’m a role model to my kids and my family. I put bread on the table, people know they can count on me. I’m living a positive and a healthy life, waking up knowing I have something to do. I go to TCB where I’m not afraid to share my feelings, no one judges me. I’m independent.

I am saving for my kids’ education. I have bought a site and started to build a home for us. I didn’t know that I could have something to call my own. I can feel that I’m living life now, I can see the light. I’m in the middle of my goals and I’m doing all my best not to be a failure because I know if I fail myself, I will be failing my children’s future.