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Nolundi ‘Malala’ Hlazo, 44

Married mother of two: 20 & 12

Lives in Manenberg, Cape Town

I look for the things that can make myself be better, even if the circumstances put me in a difficult position, I make myself make things happen.

At TCB they’re teaching you the foundation of the business, how to negotiate with the business, all those things. Before we didn’t have any training we just go for the skills, skills, skills.

It’s frustrating when I don’t have money. We had a shortage on the house and I used money that my grandmother was saving for my boy’s school. When I didn’t reach the aims of my grandmother, it was disappointing.

Now my business inspires me. Seeing yourself moving every day, happy and life is new. Today is never like yesterday and tomorrow, the outcome of that day is going to be that outcome. You must believe you’re going to be successful. There’s a journey along the way, ups and downs of the business, but you are the businesswoman.

My other part is empowering women. I sit down with them and talk about their situation, I tell them, ‘Now you’re in this situation, but you must take a decision for yourself so that your children can be proud of you.’