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Lives in East London

I worked as a cleaner for four years while I got my security grades. Then I quit my job to be a security guard. As I was starting to enjoy my new job we lost the site. Unfortunately, after that I did not get another job. I loved working each job and put 120% effort and dedication. I am a hard worker.

Life became very hard for me, I had to look after my kids. I struggled for a long time. I was trying to pull myself up. I started selling second-hand clothes, that’s where I met a TCB student who introduced TCB to me. I was interested because she told me about sewing and I had no place to buy stock. I was collecting old clothes from friends.

When I got there, I received a warm welcoming from a receptionist. A kindly, smiling lady who told me everything I must follow. I told myself I am going to get some business tips because I sometimes make mistakes at my handling and stuff.

So I started changing my life because of TCB. Even at home things are changed. The kids are enjoying good meals and nice clothes. I have been more focused and committed to my business. Also, you know the ball is in your court. You have to pull up your socks to up your sales. That means no sleep no rest. My life is good thanks to TCB. I’m hoping for more good times to come.