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Mthunzi Qagana

Lives in Cape Town

I dropped out of school in the Eastern Cape and came to Cape Town to find work, but I ended up living on the street. It was tough and cold. To warm yourself you had to smoke glue. After years I repented to my uncle, he took me in. I went back to school. I graduated matric but I couldn’t provide for my family. I saw a TAB ad, I didn’t know nothing about appliances, more especially about electricity, but I decided to take a chance. That’s where my life changed.

I can now provide for my family and send my children to better schools. I can feed my kids, send money to my mother and build my dignity. I have learnt good lessons like to never sell on credit. My business is growing. I bought a car with money I saved. I employ two people.

People feel safe opening up to me and sharing their struggles. I tell them the things I learnt at TAB, I am sharing my knowledge. I am a better person, a leader in my community. I am a facilitator for the Men Care Programme.

TAB gave me something no one can take away and my life has changed completely. At TAB they gave us skills that can build someone’s person from the things people are throwing away. I want to encourage people in my community. There is nothing you can get when you sit at home, but if you go looking for help you can change your life.