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Lives in Cape Town

I have four sisters, we don’t have the same mother but we have the same father. Both my parents have passed on. My mother was hit by a car in Guguletu one night. I was so sad.

My father was a very hardworking man, he provided for all of us. After he passed away, we got a letter that he’d got a RDP house in Khayelitsha. I went to town everyday, building to building, until I finally got the documents for the house.

Me and my sisters moved in. My younger sister was the only one working. She gave me some money to start the business selling clothes. After some time I moved in with my girlfriend and two kids. It was hard but we were pushing hard to survive.

I joined TCB last year. Now I am saving money, paying crèche fees, paying rent. I am providing for my children, I bought household items like microwave, kettle. My life is still changing, I want to move to a bigger home. TAB has given me technical skills. I want to open my own business, selling and repairing appliances and employ two people. I have always been trading but I was living hand to mouth.

TAB helped me be responsible with my money, now I know about needs and wants. I am planning, budgeting and I’m disciplined. My self confidence has improved and boosted. I can talk to anyone.