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Lives in Cape Town

During my high school life was not easy. My father passed away, my brother joined a gang and the older was mentally disturbed. My mother was sleeping with tears every night. No one knew anything about my personal life at the time. I passed my matric with two A’s, in maths and economics.

I was accepted to UWC with a part-bursary. My mother took a loan for my registration but I could not afford the books. In my second year my hopes and wishes of making it in life started fading away. I tried to find a weekend job so to save for school fees, but I couldn’t find it. I finished the second year owing the University and never received my results. The job I got after that paid such a small salary my dreams seemed impossible.

I decided to employ myself. I bought a sewing machine and learnt how to use it. I started making myself clothes and people loved them. I went to Learn To Earn to do basic sewing and I was awarded as a top student. I started sewing church clothing and doing repairs.

I started getting recognition, getting orders for 21st birthday party dresses. Sewing became costly since I didn’t have good machines or the tools I needed, machines were too expensive.

Then I came to TCB . I met people who were dedicated to uplifting and changing other people’s lives. They were so confident in the success of their programmes. I was ready to change my life and I didn’t want to disappoint these people. Change came to me the first day I got here, I was told poverty is just a state of mind and I changed my state of mind.