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Lungile Sithole

Lives in Johannesburg

My dad did not accept me as his own, that’s where my name, Lungile meaning ‘It’s okay’, came about. I was raised by mother and her parents. Seven years later she had a baby boy and she left me with my grandparents, but she would regularly come and check on us. I was a bubbly child and good in school. My mother committed suicide by burning herself, there was no note of any sort. My grandmother then suffered from depression and also passed away. My world came to an end.

We moved in with my Aunt who emotionally abused me. In matric I made a bad decision to move in with my boyfriend. I passed matric and then fell pregnant at 20, in a loveless relationship. I also suffered emotional abuse for nine years living under his shadow. I achieved nothing and walked out with nothing. Life was a living hell. I thought of committing suicide, I had no direction at all. I felt useless, like the world rejected me.

Now I’m an independent woman able to provide for my family and son. My family treats me with respect and involves me in family decisions. They trust me like those who are employed. I am stronger than ever, all thanks to TCB. I have business knowledge and I can communicate and network.

I have confidence and a reason to live. I see direction. TCB has [collected] me, [sorted] my life, [developed] me with knowledge, in a process of [sustaining] me.