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Lufuno Muzhambi, 42

Single mother of two: 21 & 13

Lives in Florida, Johannesburg

lost my sight while I was still young, so you know when you grow up with people bullying you - you think you’re not going to achieve anything. Doctors say I must sign for pension/disability to get a grant. But I am still young - I think, if I sign I am not going to have a life at all. My mother tried to push me to sign because of poverty but I didn’t sign. I saved for my operation and I have the operation, my sight is much better.

I used to work at the Community Centre. It was difficult compared to where I am now. A year after I joined TCB I noticed that there is a big difference in my life because now I know how to manage things. I can see that now it’s time for me to go for the business. I told myself that I’m going to be a business entrepreneur.

To put food on top of my table, as my mom always did, is very important and to see my children going to school. My children inspire me, I told myself that the way I grew up, I don’t want my children to grow up that way.