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Lorraine Zansti, 54

1 son (19, studying at a Private College)

East London

Travelling Importer – using business to serve and give back to others

Years ago, Lorraine asked herself, why are you here on earth, what have you done for others? She was eager live her life’s purpose but didn’t have the means to do so until she joined TCB.

Lorraine is a very successful business women from East London. She has acquired an import/export licence and has travelled several times to China to buy stock.

The success of her business has enabled her to pay fees for her sons private college and support her family.

However, Lorraine’s focus has always been to give back. She has been running a soup kitchen for several years in Cambridge at the Cambridge Baptist Church and has applied for this category so that she will be able to buy more equipment for the kitchen to expand it.

She has registered a non-profit organization for her soup kitchen called Siyabulela Community Services.  She would also like to use the prize money to buy a plot of land so that the people she assists can plant their own vegetables for their own use and to sell. The soup kitchen runs every Tuesday morning and she personally cooks the soup each week for about 70 unemployed people with ingredients that are donated from the Spar in Cambridge.

She has four volunteers who assist with the soup kitchen. Before the soup is distributed, the Word of God is shared and they also give motivational talks to those attending. Lorraine also collects clothes from the community which she distributes twice a year and  prepares Christmas lunch every year for the unemployed of her community.

Lorraine is now fully living her life’s purpose and has plans to expand her impact.