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Letty Lekala, 38

Married mother of four: 22, 17, 13 & 9

Lives in Alexandra, Johannesburg

Growing up with nine brothers and sisters, life was so difficult -
we are so many children. My mother didn’t get to support us well and my father didn’t work so well.

My mother did teach me to work for myself, not to depend on another person. She made brooms with her own hands and went to sell them. When I was at school I was putting peanuts in plastic to sell for 10c or 20c. I like to do business, I like to sell.

I am proud, I am a mother who stands up by herself and does everything for her children. I want to see my children studying well and doing good at school. When they wake up in the morning they find everything, like clothes, they get something to eat and travel to school. After school they come back home and enjoy their food. I don’t want to see my children suffer.

I don’t want to stay and sit and wait for the man to do the things for me. Stand up as a woman that loves your family. Stand up and protect your family and do the things for your family. Don’t sit down and wait for another person to help you.