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Justine Francis, 43

3 children aged 21, 17 and 10

Cape Town

The Mountain Climber – Climbed Mount Everest, reached the top of the mountain, persevered and overcome self doubt

Justine always had a strong drive, but striggled with feelings that she did not deserve success. She felt trapped in a box and lacked self-belief, despite massive support and encouragement from her husband.

When she had the opportunity to join TCB, she grabbed it with both hands. Initially she was shy and withdrawn, but soon realized the value of relationships and worked hard on developing strong relationships with all her clients, which she believes has been a critical factor in her success. She says, the more confident you are, the more money you make – w.

Justine has climbed her own Mount Everest and overcome many obstacles. Now, wiser and stronger, she is on the top of her mountain - an independent business woman.

She attributes her success to the TCB tools in her backpack, particularly record keeping.

She has a contract for a trading stall at Groote Schuur Hospital and employs 4. Justine also buys bulk fabric from TCB, designs garments and then gets a company to make up her designs to sell.

Justine has managed to save up to buy her own car, and has paid off her house. Her 17 year old son is on a scholarship, something she says she would never have reached for if she hadn’t gained her confidence. She plans to send your youngest to go to a good school too.

Justine gives nappies to the elderly as her give back to her community and also donates her excess stock to the poor.

Her advice to women: “Give generously – Give freely and it comes back freely’’.