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Hlengiwe Precious Ndaba, 31

Mother of two: 19 and 9

Lives in Umlazi, Durban

I was unemployed for 2.5 years, surviving on grants. It was very hard. My eldest was travelling to school by public transport. I think that was where I lost her as she fell pregnant at 16. My life was miserable and I was stressed because I had brought these children into this world but couldn’t meet their needs. I lost self-confidence and hope. I know now that there was no need to feel sorry for myself. I had to pull myself up and handle the bull (poverty) by its horns.

Now, I would not change my life for anything. Life is good for me and my kids. I provide for them and meet their education needs. They eat healthy food and dress well for all seasons.

I have learnt so many things at TCB, the most important is to save money. My self-confidence was re-built and my parenting skills have improved thanks to the mentors and life skills sessions. I established business skills, and now I excel. I have gained my children’s confidence and respect back. My home renovation is in progress because I walk my pace. I take my own decisions now, I come first and I do not live for someone else.

TCB brought out the best in me and redeemed me from the world of poverty.