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Amanda Mamase, 31

Mother of one: 9

Lives in Khayelitsha, Cape Town

When I came to TCB I didn’t know how to run a business, I was sitting at home doing nothing. My mother was a domestic worker
and my grandmother got a grant, we were all depending on that. It was not enough for the whole family.

My courage to do this comes from the good skills for business I learnt at TCB. I attend classes at TCB and it helped me. To have a business you have to be disciplined, do all the skills you’re taught and focus on what you are doing.

What inspires me to sell every day is because my customers always want clothes, and so that I can support my family.

My mother didn’t get excited for my birthday or buy a cake. Even on my 16th and 21st nothing happened, it was just a
normal day. When it’s my son’s birthday I want to have cake and take him out to a cinema or McDonalds because I was not raised
like that. At that time there was nothing at my house. So now, even if it’s raining or not raining I have to go to sell so that I can have money for my child.?