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Helen Makasi, 34

Married mother of two: 9 & 18 months

Lives in Eersterivier, Cape Town

I had no self-esteem, no confidence. I was a person who was just walking. I was always thinking negativity, always crying and moaning, feeling that I’m useless.

I found the strength at TCB. They taught us about life, about reality. I’ve learned a lot. I was living my life for other people instead of living for me and my family. I used to be afraid of rejection. I’ve learned to be selfish in a good way, to take responsibility. Now it’s easy for me to do things with an open heart without feeling guilty, without being scared of what people will say or how are they going to look at me.

I’ve gained back my confidence, that self-esteem that I did not have, now it’s back. I know how to stand on my own. I’ve learned how to make your goals and dreams come true. How important it is to manage your time, to manage money, how to respect money and respect time.