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Every neighbourhood deserves a 5 Star Early Childhood Development Centre. We use a proven recipe for success to equip local women to run high-quality ECD centres that are also financially sustainable businesses. Read more



Early Childhood Development (ECD) is the crucial phase of a child’s life between 0 and 5 years of age when their brain is the most flexible and eager to learn. ECD forms the foundation of a person’s mental and social skills. It’s proven that young children who are nurtured and stimulated have a higher chance of being successful in life; socially, emotionally and financially. Not only does this time prepare a child for school, it also prepares them for life.

Poor quality early learning is a life sentence.

The truth is that many ECD (Early Childhood Development) Centres in disadvantaged South African communities are simply not sufficiently equipped, well-trained, adequately resourced, professionally managed or supported to ensure that the children in their care are ready for school; ready for life.

Professional educare like you’ve never seen before

Managing an ECD centre is a complex business, which is why we have developed a recipe for success that ensures quality learning outcomes for children, as well as develops and supports women to run their ECD centre professionally and sustainably.

Each educare centre we partner with is fully equipped to ensure that every aspect of the business is managed professionally. We call it our Education-in-a-box and Business-in-a-box solution.

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Our 5 Step to 5 Star early learning programme is available nationally