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Felicia Mthembu, 40

Single mother of two: 21 & 5

Lives in Soweto, Johannesburg

Grab every positive opportunity that comes your way, if you see that opportunity and grab it - you will go far.

Growing up my siblings all got matric, just I didn’t. It was like I was nothing to my family. They didn’t encourage me. I didn’t feel I’m worth something in this world.

I got this job because I believed you must work for an income. I’ve worked and worked for eight years at that company but I was not happy. I was frustrated, I was a bitter person. That bitterness made me not see opportunities that came my way. I felt so miserable.

I was depending on my fiancé but then God decided to take him. That’s when everything started to change. At TCB I had learnt how to sell but my motivation was not strong. When he passed I didn’t have somebody to depend on. I have to provide for these kids now, there is no one that is providing for them. It started there. I told myself I’m going to be very strong now and wake up. I know it’s hard, but I can do it.

Now I am a strong woman, a hardworking person, for me everything is possible. I like being my own boss so I can manage my finances. I wish my kids will be their own bosses, hire people and open companies.