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Constance Yawa, 46

Single mother of two: 24 & 19

Lives in Nyanga, Cape Town

My life before TCB, I can’t even explain. I was in debt and I was in that state to commit suicide because I couldn’t handle it. When I came to TCB I knew I’ve got that something in me. I know they will take me because I belong in this programme.

That’s why I become this Constance I am today. I now save lots of money and I spend my money wisely. I used to give and give for the family. I used to live for family and that was wrong because family doesn’t live for you. In TCB they teach you how to save your money, how to handle the money.

Now I wake up in the morning and go to TCB to buy stock for my own thing, not someone else’s. I love being an independent woman, dress up and wake up in the morning, because you can’t sleep in if you are in business. You must go and do your things on your own.

I want to tell women you mustn’t sit under the tree thinking things will come to you. They must stand and go looking for the things - you must go and find out.