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Cleopatra Gobeni

Single mother of two: 18 & 7

Lives in Langa, Cape Town

The most difficult experience in my life was when my mother passed due to cancer. I was still at school and I had to take care of my sisters at a very young age, not knowing how to do it or what to do.

I tried to sell blankets but I didn’t have enough money to buy more blankets. I was looking after my sisters’ school uniforms, school fees, my other sister was at University. The money I got from selling I used to look after them, so the business went down.

Now I’m a successful businesswoman and I’m looking forward because success to me is not measured only in what I have today, but also in future. I don’t just want to be successful in terms of money but successful in terms of who I’ve become, so people can look at me as their inspiration and as their role model.

I wish I could change the justice system, especially when it comes to women because women are very vulnerable to abuse. I want to see the young generation going to school and doing away with drugs, that’s what’s killing our country.

Women must get up and stand up and do things for themselves.