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Cheslin Padayachi, 44

Lives in Retreat, Cape Town

I grew up with a single mother and two sisters. I completed school and did well. I started my own business importing goods and supplying various shops in SA. After 9 years, the business failed and I took it quite hard. I moved back home and in a short time got involved with some bad friends and drugs. 18 bad years later my family finally abandoned me, my health was also very bad.

I resolved to stop using drugs and enrolled at Jubilee House recovery centre in Retreat. I spent a year there and in that year, my family started supporting me again.

I heard about The Appliance Bank through the centre and came to an open day.

It’s been 9 months since starting at TAB and my life has changed and business has grown.

I am able to buy whatever I need so that my sister, who I share a flat with, and myself are comfortable. I buy stock to supply my stall in Retreat were I trade every weekend with Bradley who is a fellow recovering addict and is also on the TAB programme.

The thing I like about the TAB programme is that they not only have stock to buy but also teach us Life Skills, Business and Financial skills but we get counselling which helps us deal with our hurts. We are able to navigate our lives out of poverty and prosper. All the things I was not equipped with in my first business and maybe the reason why it failed.

I always enjoy coming to TAB to work or shop because there is a positive energy in the building.