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Bulelwa Dumekude, 32

Married mother of four: 12, 10, 8 & 3

Lives in Crossroads, Cape Town

I was working to earn money but I wasn’t happy in my job at all, I didn’t feel like waking up in the morning. TCB is not like coming to work, we’re like sisters here.

I came here because I wanted to sell clothes but I wasn’t sure of myself. After six months at TCB, I was sure that this is what I want because I enjoyed doing it.

TCB taught us a lot in our business classes and coaching. Teaching us how to save and how to use our money. When we first came, you want to sell and then you end up spending. The money we make must come back to buy stock.

My daughters are very good ballet dancers. It makes me happy seeing them doing what they love. The Artscape tickets are expensive, but I can go now and support them.

I wish women could be independent, be able to do their things on their own. Lots of people who are not working do have talents but they’re sitting at home doing nothing.

What makes me proud is that I’m not rich but I can afford to do some of the things that I planned to. I can see my children can have a brighter future.