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Bukeka’ Kwababana, 37

Mother of two: 11 & 6

Eastern Cape

I am married for 12 years now and I have been blessed with two boys (11 and 6). The TCB change my life completely, financially and on the parenting side.

Before I came to TCB my life was stuck. I did not have direction nor plans for my life. I could not see the way out because I was working from Monday to Friday. I did not have the time for my family.

I heard about TCB from a friend, I decided to quit my job and go to TCB. I wanted to have my own business so badly, but I could not afford to have one. I thought you must have a lot of money to run a successful business but TCB made miracles for me with the starting capital of only R600.

Before I came to TCB, I wanted to borrow R3000 just to start my business. I started selling socks. A lady from Mitchells Plain sold the socks to me for R5 and I sold them for R12, that’s where I saw that I could sell. I’d also buy clothes from different shops if there is a sale and sell them.

The money that I was using to buy was from my money or my husband’s money. So, if I didn’t make a profit, we’d be left with nothing and we had to take loans or go to Mashonisa every month.

We thought about nothing except food, we had nothing at all. No savings, no budget. We were not happy because we were in a dark place not seeing the light at all.

Things started to change at TCB, I started shopping, and having coaching and mentoring. The classes really helped me. TCB is where I found home. The reason why I am saying that is because I don’t have friends, I used to offload my burden to my mother but she passed in 2014. When I came to TCB I found peace and confidence and overcame my fears.

I am so grateful to be part of the programme, I have learnt a lot. My husband respects and loves me more than before because of the woman I have become at The Clothing Bank. When I told him about The Appliance Bank opening, he said ‘I want to be part of that programme’. He saw how helpful the programme was for me and he was not working at the time.

I am also grateful for my husband. I did not know he had this potential to sell and repair appliances. Now my husband has skills that no one can take from him. We are a happy family, we work together. We do not have time for playing, now we mean business.

Now we have plans for our future. I will take money from my savings and transport our furniture to our Rondavel that we recently renovated. Next year we are planning to build our house for my kids at Eastern Cape.

I remember when Nicky asked us about our biggest fear. Building a house and saving for my kids was my fear. I was afraid to die and leave them on the street. TCB is making my dreams come true: I am that confident businesswoman who fears nothing because I learnt to do it for myself, by myself.

The journey was not easy but perseverance is the key to do good, even if someone does not see you. Respect the authorities and you will go forward with the positive attitude.

Thank you Tracey & Tracey, Long live