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Bradley Freeman, 38

Lives in Retreat, Cape Town

I grew up in Mitchells Plain with my sister in a loving family. I did well in high school until I started hanging out with the wrong friends, got involved in gangs and drugs.

This impacted my life badly, I ended up a junkie, in and

out, of prison for 13 years, there was no meaning left inĀ  my life.

I decided enough is enough and booked myself into rehab. I had been there before but this time I was ready.

Three months later, I came to an open day at The Appliance Bank, I made it through the recruitment process and have never looked back.

Now I am running my own successful business in retreat at a stand with a friend I met in rehab and who is also on the programme. I trade every weekend, I am doing very well.

I help others rid themselves of addiction as I am living at the rehab centre.

Thank you to everyone at TAB for giving me a chance to be able to run my own business.