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Andiswa Madayi

Lives in Paarl

My life was a mess. I was suffering with no food, no kids clothes, no furniture, no money for my kids’ school fees, uniforms and stationary - no money at all. I kept on promising I’d buy them uniforms without fulfilling my promises. We sometimes went to bed on empty stomachs because I had too much debt. I could not go out to find a job because I have a disabled child. When I heard about TCB, I organised my sister to look after her.

My life has changed a lot. I’m in TCB programme selling clothes to get cash to satisfy our needs. I can help my family, we can eat heathily, I can pay my kids’ school fees and buy them school uniforms. I no longer ask my neighbours for food. Our wardrobes are full of clothes. Before, I can tell you there were no wardrobes for us, we used to put our clothes in crates. I also have pairs of shoes. I bought a TV for my kids and I have money in the bank for emergencies.

My kids can see the huge change in their home, we are a happy family. I’m still on depression treatment today because of all my old worries. My life is good now and I have gained confidence. I thank TCB for gaining my life back, seeing my kids happy and putting a smile on my face. I gained my family’s love.