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Tobeka Ngcoza, 49

Widowed mother of two: 21 & 17

Lives in Khayelitsha, Cape Town

I was struggling before. I was not working, my husband had passed and I had two boys to raise. I was selling yoghurts and juice but the money was not enough. At that time I didn’t know anything about business, TCB helped me to focus. Now I have a good business selling clothes from my house, I have many regular customers.

What inspires me to get up every morning is my boys. I’m so proud of myself because to raise boys is very, very difficult. I want to make sure that everything when it comes to them, is what I want. They are my life.

I’m from Eastern Cape. What I’m doing is collecting some school shoes to send to my primary school where I started schooling. This year again I’m going to try send them some shirts and stuff. My dream is to send pants and roll-ons and Colgate and toothbrushes.

In those days there were kids in that school they don’t have parents. They are raised by their grandmas and the grandmas don’t know anything about the roll-ons and that stuff. I don’t want anyone else to raise my children. I told myself whether I’m struggling or not, I have to raise my children on my own.