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Tumeka Majikela, 44

Married mother of two: 16 & 8

Lives in Langa, Cape Town

I grew up in a poor family with my grandparents, we were without my father and my mother worked in PE. They were very kind, but it was not nice for us to live with the grannies because we didn’t live with our mothers, we just saw them during holidays. I didn’t go further with my studies because there was no money. I would like my children to be more educated.

I live with my two boys, my husband lives in Eastern Cape. Most of the years he was not working. It’s difficult when you have kids and you are on your own for those children. You are supporting them and there’s no one next to you. Now I’m not dependent, even on my husband. I can take my children to the right school.

I will always encourage myself. I’ve got my own power. I am always telling myself, ‘Do this. This thing will go ahead for you. Don’t hesitate.’

It inspires me to say I’m a businesswoman now. I’m very empowered, no one will tell me what to do. I do my own things in my time. I’m self-employed.