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Sukelwa Blayi, 28

Married mother of three: 10, 4 & 2

Lives in Gugulethu, Cape Town

Before I started TCB my life was a mess. I was staying in a small, one room shack full of holes. When you are inside you can see outside and when it’s raining the water was full in the house. We have to sit on the bed ‘til the rain stops, or put big stones so that we can walk when it’s raining. Sometimes we sleep without food because I was in debt. At the end of the month when I get the SASSA money I have to pay the debts - and then I can’t buy food.

I was also selling in the community but I didn’t have the knowledge about the business. At TCB they teach me how to handle my finances, the budget, the saving, all those things - and I can. I managed to renovate my house, now I have four rooms. Then I even built a house in the Eastern Cape and I managed also to buy a car. All my kids are at school now.

I wish to give my kids a good life, a better education. I wish to see them have success in life. They mustn’t be like me, I grow under poor circumstances. I don’t want them to get that life.?