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Pulane Pitlo, 43

Single mother of three: 20, 8 & 6

Midrand, Johannesburg

I started selling popcorn at school but I didn’t have knowledge to know when you sell this you have to put money aside. I was just selling and then making money to give at home.

At TCB I saw that a little money can make a lot of money. I realised selling is my thing. I have to work hard and make money - make a living so I can take my children wherever I want.

Most people are failing, they don’t want to try and try. What makes me proud is that I always stand up, and then teach myself, and then stand up and say ‘I’m going to make it, no matter what’.

I’m doing the thing of looking after other people, especially older people. They tell me their problems and I go the journey with them. They do appreciate it and they will come and tell me that you have helped me a lot because you are strong.

I want my children to do whatever they want to do. I wish that they must finish school and do the career, whatever they want to do. I’ll never choose for them, I’ll just guide them.