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Nontombi Sotyingwa, 28

Single mother of three: 10, 8 & 21 months

Lives in Samora Machel, Cape Town

In life the most difficult thing is to have a lot of responsibilities although you’re still young. You have those responsibilities that look at you, it’s a force, you must do it. You don’t have a choice.

Before I came to TCB I was selling second-hand shoes. I was the mother of two who have a lot of family responsibilities. My sisters and my brothers, and I was the only breadwinner at that time. I was selling, but I was struggling.

I come to the TCB classes and I start to hustle. I have these clothes so I must find a place where I’m going sell them quickly. I find a place to put my stand and I sell. Since then I never have any problem with my business ever and I save my money. I’m a businesswoman and I can explain that proudly, because now I am confident.

I want a bright future for my family like to have a house. I’m still staying in a two-room shack. I wish to give my children that future, to have a house so they can live safely, and to continue my savings so they can go to university. I am not folding my arms.