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Nonthandazo Qulu, 40

Single mother of three: 16, 11 & 3

Lives in Jeppestown, Johannesburg

I was that person who was not independent. I liked business, I was selling but I didn’t have any skills. It was difficult when I can’t support my children.

I think these TCB classes made me brave. I learnt a lot of things, like what must you do in a business and how to grow your children.

After TCB, I am confident about myself. From the classes I got that I am that person that can run a business, my business, my own business.

Now, I can do for my children’s needs. I can support them and I don’t ask anything from anyone. I’m proud of myself now because I’m independent and my business is getting successful. I can even save money and set my goals. My wish is to take my children to the schools that I want, and I want to stay in a big house.

Every day I wake up and go and do my business because I can see that this is working for me. If I look in my room - my own place, my own things - I can see that ‘Wow, I have that energy to do these things.’ If I look my children, they inspire me.