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Nobuntu ‘Numbers’ Ngcebetsha, 40

Married mother of two: 7 & 5

Lives in Bellville, Cape Town

We were not poor. My parents had a business, they were not educated but they managed to take us to Matric and further through the business. They didn’t have the background that I have now from TCB and their business fell apart. I feel like if they had this background they could have made it in life. They could have been successful business people.

I sell mostly in bulk. I target people who are selling in Bellville. I sell to them at a reasonable price so they can sell themselves. I’ve got five people selling for me. In the next two years I want to employ twenty women to sell for me. I’m also training four women on what I’ve learnt at TCB because I’ve found that other people need to know business skills.

Since TCB my life is different because now I know what I want in life. So many people still don’t know what they want and they’re waiting for government to do things for them. You are not going to get anything if you are sitting around the corner moaning. No one is going to do things for you, I am doing things for myself.