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The Clothing Bank has developed a number of life changing training programmes which are of interest to other NGOs and Corporates and we are rolling this out through our Training for Change project.

We currently offer the following courses:

Me and My Money Financial Freedom

A 2 -day course in personal financial literacy that deeply impacts a person’s relationship with, attitudes to and behaviours with money.

New Beginnings

A 2-day course which is all about self-discovery.  Who am I, self-leadership, what is my purpose, what are my values, setting goals and living to my full potential.

Parenting Skills

A 2-day workshop which equips parents with practical strategies, inspiration, encouragement and insight into parenting.

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Computer Training

Enza Empowering Women in partnership with The Clothing Bank has created a comprehensive three-month computer literacy training programme.

ENZA is an Icelandic Registered Non-Governmental Organisation, part funded by the Icelandic Government. ENZA’s mission is to help marginalised women rebuild their lives and become economically active and self-sufficient. It was established thanks to the vision of Ruth Gylfadottir, an Icelandic national living in the Paarl area (near Cape Town). Enza has been helping young women in Paarl gain skills and rebuild their lives since early 2009.

Basic computer training provides a platform for people to develop new skills that enable them to access new markets. The curriculum covers Basic Computing Skills, the Internet, Outlook, Excel and Word. Since our relationship with Enza began in 2016, we have been able to offer compute training in all of our 5 branches.

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