BEE Scorecard

Improve your BEE scorecard. We offer a simple and hassle free way to claim your Enterprise Development points.

The Clothing Bank is one of the best examples of a successful Enterprise Development initiative in South Africa and is particularly well placed to support the transformation agenda. As a fully compliant Empowerdex-certified Third Party Enterprise Development Service Provider, The Clothing Bank offers a meaningful number of points on the B-BBEE scorecard under the old and new codes. Beneficiaries are 100% black South African women (previously unemployed mothers) with up to 35% being youth, and all qualify as Exempt Micro Enterprises (EMEs).

Under the current Generic Codes, 100% of Socio- economic Development (SED) qualifies as all of our beneficiaries are black South African citizens, and 125% of Enterprise Development (ED) qualifies as the black- owned enterprises are all EMEs.

Compliance with the new Codes of Good Practice is perceived to be much harder than with the current codes as the focus of Socio-economic Development (SED) has shifted towards projects that facilitate income generating activities for their beneficiaries. Changes to Enterprise Development (ED) criteria mean that ED beneficiaries will need to be a minimum of 51% black-owned EMEs and QSEs.

With the amended scorecard, The Clothing Bank can offer an attractive menu of points under:

  • Ownership through our broad-based ownership scheme (B-BOS)
  • Skills Development through our SETA-accredited learnerships
  • Enterprise Development with full 5 points
  • Socio-economic Development with 100%

The Clothing Bank can offer your enterprise the opportunity to significantly improve your BEE scorecard with a possible total of 41 points plus 6 bonus points.



Points Available through TCB

Ownership 25% voting right black people 4pts
10% voting rights black women 2pts
10% economic interest with black women 2pts
25% of economic interest with black people 4pts
3% of economic interest in designated groups (youth) 3pts
2% of economic interest with new entrants 2pts
Skills Development 22.5% of black unemployed/employed in learning programme 4pts
6% of payroll spent on black people (internal or external) in learning 8pts
Number of unemployed people trained then employed 5pts (bonus)
Consumer education 2pts
Enterprise Development 1% of NPAT spend on Enterprise Development 5pts
Jobs created from ED Programme 1pt (bonus)
Socio-Economic Development 1% of NPAT spend on income generating activities 5pts

For more information please contact Tracey Gilmore +27 21 531 2134.

The Clothing Bank