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of South African women with babies under the age of two are single (never married or not living with a partner). This is up from 54% in 2005.
of fathers provide no financial or emotional support for their children, which result in many children born to single mothers living in dire poverty.
of young South Africans do not complete Grade 12.
of young black South Africans are unemployed.
per month per child is all the state provides to assist mothers to support their child.

South Africa faces some major obstacles on its journey towards addressing the injustices of the past and to ensure that everyone participates in the economy.

We cannot wait for the education system to be fixed to act and that is exactly why The Clothing Bank was established. We provide previously disadvantaged South Africans who are unemployed with an alternative to formal employment by empowering them to become self-employed business people. This is often something they might not have considered or had the self-belief to pursue.